Our Series

    Squier Affinity Series

    Affinity series guitars and basses present the greatest and most time-honored Fender models with the greatest Squier value. From elemental Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars to Precision and Jazz basses (and even the student-friendly Bronco Bass), the very best in Squier value is right here.

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    Squier Bullet Series

    Simple, practical and eminently affordable-that's the Squier Bullet series. Designed for beginners and students, these are classic tremolo-equipped Squier Stratocaster models that will make the perfect first guitar for the aspiring guitarist in your house.

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    Squier Classic Vibe

    Based on classic Fender designs with a few modern touches of their own, Squier's award-winning Classic Vibe guitars and basses impart the vibe of classic Fender instruments with distinctive features that add up to great sound, vintage looks and unbeatable value.

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    Custom Shop Artists Series

    Squier's great-sounding, cool-looking and eminently affordable instrument/amp packs are perfect for the budding guitarist or bassist in your house, giving aspiring young players everything they need to get started all in one convenient package.

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    Squier Artists Series

    Artists inspire new generations of players. Always have and always will. Squier's Artist Series extends from great signature-model instruments in North America far afield to distinctive international artist signature models in Europe and Asia, inspiring players worldwide.

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    Squier Deluxe Models

    The Squier Deluxe series presents stylishly hot-rodded instrument models of classic Fender lineage-loaded with traditional vibe, but also tricked out with modern features, feel and value that place them squarely at the forefront of the Squier line.

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    Squier Standard Series

    Squier starts here—Standard series guitars that present the classics, pure and simple. The home of elegantly elemental Stratocaster and Telecaster models with superb Squier sound, look, performance and value.

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    Squier Vintage Modified Series

    Players have done it for years. Whether installing hotter pickups, different pickguards or just plain personalizing their instruments with distinctive paint jobs, modified means adding new twists to familiar designs. Squier's Vintage Modified series excels at just that, imparting hot-output chop-shop sound, feel and value to traditional instrument designs.

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